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Raison d’être

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Oh, yawn!  Another writer’s blog.  Why, for ${DIETY}’s sake, would I want to read yet another wannabe author’s blog??

Well, if that’s your opinion, don’t bother.  I didn’t make you come here.

But like many writers who strive to get published, I have 3 basic reasons to blog.  First, it’s just good practice – more writing of any kind yields better writing of all kinds.  Second, it’s now clear to us that we each have to build a (drum-roll, please!)  p l a t f o r m  .  Which is just a fancy-pants way of saying we have to have someplace to generate publicity.  Third, I hope to be able to share triumphs and setbacks with my peers, give encouragement, gain valuable criticism.

I had started to blog over here over three years ago, and I expected to write about my attempt to re-tool my current career as a programmer and computer systems administrator.  But I have since decided that I would rather write than code, so now you can read me here.

“Let the practice begin!”