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a six-foot length of fence in a large field only corrals stupid animals….

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Today’s post is a short public-service announcement.

If you read the NYTimes website, and you’re annoyed (as I was) that you only get to see 10 articles per month before they ‘ ‘encourage’ ‘ you to sign up for an on-line subscription, here’s how you can get around the paywall.

Click on a link to an article, and after it fully loads (and that shadowy pop-over comes up saying “WAIT, THIS IS JUST GETTING INTERESTING“), look carefully at the URL.  It should end with something like gwh=653CAAB8F5824BB48DE43D79BE479E95 (the last 32 characters will vary, but they will all be from the set of A-Z and 0-9). Delete all this (and the preceding &, if any), and refresh the page.

Enjoy your toll-free reading. That is all.